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NM school district are required to publish budget meetings

New Mexico school districts are required to publish a public notice by June 20 of each year in conjunction with their budgets.

According to NMSA 22-8-10, “Prior to June 20 of each year, each local school board shall, at a public hearing of which notice has been published by the local school board, fix the operating budget for the school district for the ensuing fiscal year. At the discretion of the state superintendent [secretary] or the local school board, the department may participate in the public hearing.”

Many districts refuse to publish this notice, or sometimes just plain ignore it. Education is an important element in all of our communities and it is vital that school boards are transparent and follow the law.

It may be too late to hold these districts accountable this year, but this is something all newspapers should be pressing for in the future.

The New Mexico Press Association’s efforts in lobbying the State Legislature have stopped efforts to change many of the publication rules local, county and state governments and we will continue to fight for transparency from our government officials.

As for school districts, state law also requires them to publish their annual accountability report (NMSA 22-2C-11-F) by Nov. 15 each year.

 “The school district's or state-chartered charter school's annual accountability report shall be adopted by the local school board or governing body of the state-chartered charter school, shall be published no later than November 15 of each year and shall be published at least once each school year in a newspaper of general circulation in the county where the school district or state-chartered charter school is located.  In publication, the report shall be titled "The School District Report Card" or "The Charter School Report Card" and disseminated in accordance with guidelines established by the department to ensure effective communication with parents, students, educators, local policymakers and business and community organizations.”

 Too many districts also refuse to comply with this law and it is up to us as newspapers to make sure they simply follow the rules, not only because it is the law, but because transparency is required of those doing public business.



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